Common Defects at Securities Firms Audit and Anti-Money Laundering Advocacy Conference


Seminar Report

In response to the upcoming APG Third Round Mutual Evaluation in 2018, Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) is hosting six sessions of the conference on the subject in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, from 28th November 2017 to 19th January 2018.

The first session was hosted by James Hsieh, Head of Intermediaries Service Department, on 28th November 2017. James said that criminals might transform the profits of crime and corruption into ostensibly legitimate funds via capital market. Therefore, AML has become a ‘Big Issue’ among securities firms and authorities concerned. Approximately 190 participants, including auditors, compliances and AML specialists of securities firms, attended the first session. Issues of this conference included not only the common defects at securities firms audit, but also the related decrees of AML and common defects at AML audit. The advocacy conference has aroused strong repercussions among the securities firms, and most attendees agreed this conference enriched their knowledge of AML and really benefit them.